For Commuters

Our 6:45 weekday Shacharis (6:40 Mondays and Thursdays) especially services those who are en route to their workplace. Given our location near numerous major highways and mass transit options, we are a convenient stop on the commutes of many. If you pass through the area, but don't yet regularly attend – please check us out!

Be sure to refer to our Map and Directions page for assistance in planning your route.

Below, we have compiled the some useful information for your convenience.

Street Parking

We are blessed to have convenient, free, and plentiful street parking right nearby. The spots are on Broadway, between 179th and 181st Street (as well as on 180th Street) and allow for parking until either 7:30, 8:00, or 8:30 AM. (We don't recommend the 7:30 spots on Mondays and Thursdays, though.)

Parking Garages

For those who would like to garage their cars nearby for the day while they head downtown via mass transit, the following options exist:

    • Central 176 PM, Ltd. – 4162 Broadway, between 177th and 176th Streets. $15 for 12 hours.

    • MPG – 4168 Broadway, between 177th and 176th Streets. $12 for 12 hours if you get in between 6 AM and 9 AM.

    • Park It – 284 Audubon Ave., between 179th and 180th. Arrive between 6 AM and 10 AM, and leave by 7 PM for $11. (This one is a bit further out, though.)

Mass Transit

For those commuting daily from Bergen County, the best way to get to us is with a Route 4 Jitney Bus. The buses stop every several minutes along Route 4, and continue to the George Washington Bridge Bus Station, right across from our Shul. Exit the bus station at the Fort Washington Ave. exit, make a right and cross the street, make a right and continue 300 ft. down 179th Street to the Shul.


We have a refrigerator for you to store your breakfast in, as well as utensils. You can also feel free to stay after davening and enjoy your meal in the front room. If there is sufficient interest, we may begin providing a lite breakfast of danishes, coffee & tea, and juice. Please indicate your interest by emailing