Ahavath Torah

Congregation Ahavath Torah was founded in 1938 and eventually merged into Shaare Hatikvah.

Its first rabbi was Rabbi Herman Lieber, who served until 1959. He was succeeded by Rabbi Eric Zimmer, who moved to Israel in 1971. Rabbi Eliyahu Safran led the Congregation from Rabbi Zimmer's departure until his assumption of the rabbinate in Pittsburgh in 1974. Rabbi Harvey Crupar was then the rabbi until the Congregation merged with Shaare Hatikvah.

In 1949, it moved into the building of the former Costello Theater, at 23 Fort Washington Ave., with the services of architect Fritz Nathan. It remained in that location until its merger with Congregation Shaare Hatikvah.

Congregation Tikvoh Chadoshoh merged with Congregation Ahavath Torah in 1965, and the congregation took on the new, combined name of Congregation Ahavath Torah v'Tikvoh Chadoshoh.

Rev. Ronald Levy was elected as Chazzon Sheini and Rev. L. Leslie Weis was elected as Baal Koreh in the year 1967, and joined the clergy of Shaare Hatikvah with the merger.

In 1975, Ahavath Torah v'Tikvoh Chadoshoh began their merger with Congregation Shaare Hatikvah, moving into the latter's building at 711 West 179th Street. The merger was legally concluded in 1977.